egm About Us – Nuretix Research, LLC

Who We Are

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Nuretix Research Labs is a privately owned and operated company dedicated to the research, development and production of high quality, safe and revolutionizing nutritional supplements. The supplements Nuretix Research Labs produces are formulated to enhance a healthy and active lifestyle for everyone from professional athletes to individuals who seek to stay fit through regular exercise.

What We Do

Founded in 2007, Nuretix Research Labs provides an innovating selection of doctor formulated, scientifically researched, proven, all natural dietary supplements that adhere to our core ideal of promoting health, vitality and longevity. Our goal and passion is to provide our customers with effective products that bring great good to their lives and to encourage and promote healthy lifestyles through fun and fitness, both inside and out.

Why Nuretix?

Nuretix Research Labs was built upon the premise that to ensure proper health, the body should be kept physically fit and vital genes should be protected. The basic concept behind Nuretix is simply “Nourishing DNA,” or making sure DNA is resistant to disease so that it will be better preserved through generations to come. Preserving health and extending a high quality life is at the core of the positive impact that our products have on our customers and industry as a whole. We strive to create quality products and provide a superlative customer experience to all those leading a health focused lifestyle focusing on diet, exercise and smart supplementation.

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